Responsible Service of Alcohol

Cardiff Bowling Club promotes the policy of Responsible Service of Alcohol. The club recognises its obligation not to serve patrons to intoxication, not to serve intoxicated persons and not to serve alcohol to minors (persons under the age of eighteen years).

The following policies have been adopted to ensure the Responsible Service of Alcohol:

• A range of drinks is offered on the club premises. These include a range of low alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages. A coin-operated coffee machine is also available.
• The club seeks to create an environment to discourage drunken, disruptive and violent behaviour.
• The club does not seek to encourage rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol.
• Staff are acquainted with this house policy and are trained to implement it.
• Staff involved in the sale and/or supply of liquor have completed and passed an approved Liquor Administration Board RSA course.
• If a patron appears to be approaching an intoxicated state and continues to order alcoholic beverages, alternatives to alcohol will be offered.
• The club only supports responsible liquor promotions.


Alcohol will not be served to a patron identified as intoxicated. A person identified as intoxicated will be requested to leave the premises immediately.


Staff are required to remain vigilant in order to detect minors seeking to enter the premises unaccompanied by a responsible adult or attempting to obtain alcohol.

• If a staff member believes a patron ordering or being supplied alcohol is under the age of 18 years, appropriate identification of age (passport, photo proof-of-age card or driver license) will be requested.
• If the patron cannot or refuses to produce identification the patron will be asked to immediately vacate the premises.

By working together we can create a safe, enjoyable and friendly atmosphere for all.

Responsible Conduct of Gaming

In partnership with the community, Cardiff Bowling Club promotes the Responsible Conduct of Gaming.

For the vast majority of patrons, gaming is an entertaining and enjoyable pastime however like all things, it should be enjoyed in moderation.

The club practices the following measures to ensure that we offer patrons a responsible service of gaming:

• Staff training that promotes the responsible conduct of gaming. All staff are accredited with Responsible Conduct of Gaming certificates approved by the Liquor Administration Board.
• Education of patrons throughout the club so that they may seek help if they feel that gambling is becoming a problem.
• Provision of proactive assistance through exclusion schemes and education programs.
• Observing and practising Duty of Care throughout the club premises.
• Ongoing monitoring of all the foregoing by management.

We are committed to the Responsible Conduct of Gaming at Cardiff Bowling Club and advise all patrons to bet within their limits. In doing so, we hope that they enjoy gaming as an enjoyable recreation.